Friday, December 1, 2006

Top Tooth

Landon's top tooth is through the gums. So we're up to three teeth now.

He's all over the place. I watched him online today, he was so quick. Even Mrs. Aida was telling me she couldn't keep up with him. We'd been kind of lazy about buckling him into swings, bouncy seats, etc. Not any more. That kiddo tries to stand up every chance he gets. I moved the pack n play into the bathroom (he had been sitting in his bouncy chair while we got ready.) I think the pack n play will be better for him now.

I have some cute pictures of him and Bry in front of the tree. I'll have to post those when I get a chance.

This weekend is Dicken's on the Strand. Its still pretty cold here, so I don't think we'll be taking Landon down for it this year. Maybe next year, or the next, Oh, I just remembered Kohl's is having a big sale tonight. Bryan's out at the grocery store picking up dinner. Maybe I'll head out after we eat.

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  1. Yay for another tooth. Ava just has 2 bottom ones. The joys of when they get active, I tried to get Ava used to the playpen, but no such luck. She cries whenever we put her in there, but it's the safest place if we want to get a shower in the run of a day!