Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I took this idea from Sugar and Ice

Here's my list of things I couldn't live without:

Boppy. I thought this was stupid. How could I not hold my own son by myself. LOL. Day 3, went to Target, bought the Boppy.

Bumpy Names
These are so neat. We special ordered Landon's name and I plan on getting some for our new nephew too.

Bath tub seat. Amazing. For a while, we actually took baths with Landon. You can imagine what a pain that would be. Then I tried the sit on the side and hold him. That worked until he realized he could stand up in the bathtub. This seat is great. He loves it and it saves my back.

The Bumbo! Awesome. It took forever to find one in a store. Target finally started carrying them.

Graco Snap n Go.

Playtex Bottles

Medela Pump N Style

Bouncy Chair

Land's End Do it All Diaper Bag. We've had so many compliments on this bag. Its awesome. I'm thinking about getting the Little one for Christmas.

Hook on High Chair. This is awesome. We use it everywhere we go. And it folds up easy to take along. No more nasty restaurant high chairs.

Diaper Dekor from BRU. It's great. No smelly diapers.

Pack N Play. We are using my sister's. I didn't think Landon would ever stay in this, but he loves it now. We have it in our bathroom, so he plays in there while we get ready in the mornings.

Plastic Lined Bibs. Okay, being a new mother, I didn't think it really mattered. That was until Landon started teething. After the first day when he came home with a soaking wet bib, soaking wet shirt, I realized the difference.

Baby Einstein Bouncer

Walker or Exersauser

Walmart Preemie Clothes.
Walmart was the best (most inexpensive) place for preemie outfits. Surprisingly they had a lot to choose from. The were also the only place around that carried preemie diapers.

Gerber Newborn Pacifiers. We tried EVERY SINGLE pacifier out there. Landon was so tiny when he was born, this is the only one he would take. He still loves it, though not as much as before.

That's my list for now. I'm sure there's ton more that I could think of.


  1. FUN!! I love these lists. Is he still able to use the bumbo? Amelia arched so much to get out of hers, plus her little legs are so chubby, that we just loaned it out to someone else. I haven't seen that Baby Einstein jumper but we are pretty much ALL-Baby-einstein around here!! She loves it!

  2. Great list! Now I have to go buy the bumpy name and high chair thing :)

    I love boppies so much that I bought two!

    Holly (AllEllie - I can't post a comment anymore using my blog?)

  3. Landon definitely won't stay in the boppy anymore, but it was great while it lasted.

  4. I love your list! I haven't seen the hook-on high chair thing before, but now I'm going to have to get one!

    We also used the snap & go stroller and it was great! And the diaper dekor--love it.

  5. I have to have one of those bathtub seats, but I can't find one in any stores here.