Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"I go water"

Bry's still out of town and Miss Cole had a prior appointment, so thankfully Miss Mel came through in a pinch. Maddox has swimming lessons on Tuesdays, so Landon went with them to the pool. And apparently REALLY wanted to get in too. Melyssa tried to convince him that he didn't have any swim trunks, so maybe next time if they brought swimmers, he could go. I guess he was okay during the lessons, because he thought his 'turn' was next. As they packed up to go home, he then realized he wasn't getting a turn.

So the whole way back to their house, he cried, "I go water, I go water." Poor kid. I met them at the house and picked up a shirtless boy who really wanted to go swimming.

The whole way home, Landon keeps saying, "I go water" so I think I'll take him by the Tuscan apartments and let him see that the pool is too cold. We get there and I keep saying, the waters cold, we can't swim, its too cold. Yeah, well, we put our feet's not cold. LOL…he loves it. And now he wants to get in the big pool (we were just wading in the shallow seating section.) I'm still in my volleyball clothes, so I call Mr. Danny and see if he'll put on a swimsuit and come with us. So we go over to Danny's, pick him up and get some towels and head back over. Landon and Danny swam for about 30 minutes.

So, my cold water idea totally backfired on me. Now that I see how much he loves swimming, and how nice the water was (it's a salt water pool) I may try to take him to the pool after work some days, so he can get his swimming in.


  1. Let us know when you go to the pool since ours wont be open for another month. I bet the boys would love to swim together.

  2. Ellie loved the pool so much when I took her last month. I can't wait for this summer to take her more.
    By the way, your new template is so cute!