Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Still learning...

Last night, Landon and I were home alone. I went to go potty and realized we were out of toilet paper in our master bathroom. So, thinking Landon's old enough to understand, I yell for him. He comes running in (after finally figureing out where I was) and I ask for some toilet paper. He first claps for me and says "yea, mama potty." Then I show him the empty toilet paper roll - to which he says, "paper go bye-bye."
Me: Yes, would you go get mama some toilet paper?
L: ...grins, "no."
Me: "please! go to your potty room and get some toilet paper"
Landon takes off...I hear a squeal, and he comes running back with:

Me: "Thanks for the El.mo shoes, but I need toilet paper, go into your potty room..."
Landon takes off again, this time bringing back:

L: "mama, catch, up mama, up"
Me: "mama can't get up until you find toilet paper....or HEY, go get wet wipes off the dresser! Yeah, go get wet wipes!"
L: "I not dirty, no wet wipes, wet wipes went bye-bye."
Me: "they did not...go, hurry, see if you can find wet wipes"
Lan runs out the door and immediately runs back, "wet wipes go bye-bye" shrugging his arms to the side, like, sorry mom, you're out of luck."

Me: "lan, please go get toilet paper, like this (showing the empty roll) out of the other bathroom, or wet wipes or kleenex or something!"
Landon takes off...is gone for a while...then I hear a strange noise coming toward the bathroom:

So, yeah, a few more weeks before we understand the whole, "go get _______, please"

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