Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We had a great time in Oklahoma, visiting family. We got there late Friday night, checked into the hotel and went to visit with all Lan's cousins. He was shy and didn't say a thing until we left their rooms.

Saturday morning, we got up and ready, when Lan threw up on every single towel and piece of clothing in the room. He was running a fever and throwing up Cran-Grape juice. We never figured out what made him sick, but once he got all the juice out of his system, he was much better. He slept all the way to my cousin Suzie's house and some of the time while we were there. We had a delicious brunch with family, then sat outside on the porch (her house is 102 years old!)

We went to the Health Expo, picked up my packet, walked around the memorial for a while. Then went back to the hotel for a nap. Finally got up for dinner and ate at Kona Ranch - delicious. Then back to the hotel, my sister took Lan up to their room and he played with the kids for awhile.

On Sunday we got up early for the half marathon - in freezing cold rain and wind. Not fun. But Landon stayed with the family, inside the church where it was nice and warm. He had a great time playing with Kallie, Abbie and the boys.

- Just a few of the family members who joined us for the weekend.

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