Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Locked out!

Funny story from last night.

It was beautiful yesterday, so Bryan stopped by the grocery on his way home and picked up corn and burgers to grill. Landon and I went straight home and mowed the yard. He loves to mow with his little mower while I do the hard work with the big one!

Our Houston family came over - Mr. Danny and Miss Nicole, along with the Viges. The adults were outside eating and visiting, when we hear a scuffle from inside. We peak through the window and see Maddox behind Landon - he's got him in a head lock! LOL...I run to the door, to discover they've locked it! We're locked out of the house and their fighting over a deflated shuttle toy!

Luckily, Mr. D had his keys in his pocket, and opened the door in less than .2 seconds. Both the boys were telling each other "no-no" - each thinking the other was the one in the wrong. They were both fine and we all laughed about it. LOL...it actually kind of looked like Maddox was adjusting Landon's back. LOL. Where's the camera's wehn you need them.

1 comment:

  1. A future Chiropractor in the making. Maddox was in rare form last night when we got home. I think lack of sleep finally caught up with him.