Tuesday, February 3, 2009

11 Weeks

I'm 11 weeks now. Little fig in my tummy. I'm feeling much, much better and only get sick if I forget to eat (like that happens.) My next appt is Monday, Bryan and Landon are going with me. I think Landon will be excited to see or hear the baby.

Landon's school has a lice outbreak. Nobody in his classroom (yet.) He spent last night pretending to be the nurse, checking mine and Bryan's hair and telling us, "No bugs."

He got a haircut tonight. He has always been so good getting it cut. Tonight he almost fell asleep...drool even came out of his mouth. I know how he feels, I love someone fixing my hair.

We've been working on phonics and letter recognition with him. He knows a few, but has a lot more to learn. He can spot an L or a B anywhere.

Time to get to bed.

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