Friday, February 27, 2009


Lan has his first (trial) class of gymnastics last night. We got there a little early to make sure we had everything figured out. So we watched the earlier class for about 15 minutes. They're all so tiny out there. It's a huge gym and they have about 5-7 classes going on at the same time.

Landon's class started at 5, there were a lot of kids, so they were split up into two groups. Landon's group went to stretching first. Oh my goodness...I was almost in tears, from laughing so hard. It was hilarious to watch Lan stretch. I definitely need to get that on video.

First was bars and the rings. I've mentioned before that Landon is part Monkey. He loved this part. They did one bar, where they swing and put their feet up by their hands, then a set of rings, then two more bars. After that, it was straight to a long skinny trampoline. The kids jumped all the way down to a big pit full of foam blocks. I think that was Landon's favorite part. They had to do different styles of jumping up and down. After that, they moved to the balance beam. Two different types of beams. the first one was a set of two beams close together, they did different types of crab walks on it. Then they had the single beam. After the kids did their turn, they went up a little set of stairs and got to jump in a small circle of more foam blocks.

The pictures I took with my phone, so they're not that great, but you get the idea. He got a new shirt that has the gym name on it. He wanted to wear it this morning, but its too big. I told him that I would wash it and he could wear it next week, that it would fit better after I washed it. He threw it in the laundry room, went to talk to Bryan, then came back and asked if it was ready. LOL.

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