Thursday, February 19, 2009

What'd you say?

Landon is at a stage where he wants to know everything that was said, and will repeat most of it. If I say something to Bryan and Landon doesn't catch it, then he asks (over and over) what I said and if I say, "it was nothing" then he'll reply, "you didn't say noffing, what'd you say?" When I finally repeat what I said, he'll ask, "why did you say that?" drives me nuts and makes me want to hug and kiss him at the same time.

Also - he came home with a pink castle sticker. He said Ms. Heather told him it was a girl's sticker, but she didn't have any more boys ones. Landon apparently didn't care either way.

At the doctor last week (two ear infections) he weight 31 pounds and is about 39 inches. He's getting big so fast.

Last night, in his sleep, he kept saying, "I want more cake" and "that's my ice cream sammich" dreams just like his mommy.

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  1. That is so cute how observant he is. It shows how eager he is to learn! And I sure wish my dreams were about cake and ice cream!