Sunday, May 2, 2010

First trip to the Beach

It has been a very nice, cool spring.  This weekend is the first (of many) that it's actually been HOT.  Landon's been begging to go to the beach, and it was finally hot enough to think about it.

After church, we packed up the car and headed to Galveston.  A little worried about finding a spot to park on the beach at our normal location since we didn't get down there until 12:30; it was crowded but we found a nice spot.  The water was still pretty cold...but you didn't notice it after sitting in the sun for a while.  Landon played HARD.  Bryan dug him out a trench, since the tide was high, it filled up pretty quickly.  Then Landon asked for a "pool." 

Then Bryan made him a sand gator...which Landon later destroyed while Bryan was out swimming.

We all kept reapplying sunscreen...and I, apparently, did so poorly.  I have a few spots which hurt badly.  But luckily both the boys seem to be in good shape.  I'm sure we'll try to go back as many times as we can before the baby gets here. 

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