Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 35 and Waterpark

Week 35 - nothing new. I'm really not sleeping at all now. I just can't seem to get comfortable and it takes me about 10 minutes to roll over. I'm mostly sleeping in the La-Z-Boy now that Bryan has moved it to the bedroom. Prevacid is barely working now and I'm using tums in addition to it on most days. I finished the canopy for the car seat and I'll go ahead and brag - it is way cute!


Last summer we bought year passes to Schlitterbahn in Galveston. We've gone the last three weekends - Landon is in heaven. That boy can SWIM! I have to say to, it's nice being weightless in the water...feels so good to get pressure off of everything.
The first weekend, it was just Bryan, Landon and I - even with a company picnic (not ours) being held there, there was barely anyone there - no waits in the lines. It was perfect.

Last weekend, Mr. Danny went with us and it was still great - no crowds. Landon wanted to swim with Mr. Danny the whole time. He loves to go on the river - the wave part, but he doesn't want to be in a tube, he wants to swim it. Which, he does really well, but man, its work for the adults. In between the waves, the water goes down to 2-3 feet and you end up crab walking, great workout on your quads.

On Friday, we took off work and headed down with Miss Nicole. A little bit more crowded - since there were about 15 charter buses with teenagers. Some of the lines to the rides were longer than they have been, but it still was a lot less crowded than summer. Bryan was in charge of swimming with Landon and I corralled Miss Cole to the right directions, although we lost her one time on the rapids for a while. She had gotten caught in the backflow and couldn't get to the next opening.

Yesterday we went to the pool down the road - one of my coworkers used to live in the apartments there, and I programmed her gate code into the Acadia. Unfortunately, in the last year, either my car lost the code or the apartments changed theirs...but another car was going in, so we tailed them and got in. Its a pretty nice pool - saltwater. Going to be sad if we can't get in. (Our subdivision doesn't have a pool, which is okay with me, since that means are homeowners fee is only $200 a year.) Landon can swim. (After three weeks of swim lessons.) He does great. So proud of that boy.

Here's some pics of the water park from the last couple weekends.

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