Saturday, May 1, 2010

League City Fair

Why is it that on Saturday morning, Landon can wake up by himself at 7:00?  And be ready to go?!
We spent some time driving through a local neighborhood garage sale.  Landon found a huge scooby doo doll for $4 (I"m guessing the dad probably spent a good $20 at a carnival trying to win said dog.)

We also stopped at a yard sale, where the man took Landon and I to the back to see a 3 week old Shetland pony.  It was adorable.  I'm so sad I didn't have the camera with me.  (It was the same size - maybe smaller - than the scooby doll.)  Too cute.  Landon was in love with it.

After not much success at the garage sales, we went to the League City Village Fair.  A pricey little Saturday adventure.  Luckily the clouds stayed and there was a nice breeze. We tried to stay in the shade as much as we could, but we all managed to get a little bit of sun.

Landon loved the little petting zoo set up.  Two baby pigs, chickens, rabbits, and lots of goats.  I would have taken the pigs home with me.  They were so cute.

Lan's next favorite thing was the fun house.  It was glass/mirror maze.  We kept trying to tell him to lead with his hands, but the first time through, he busted his head a few times.  By the second time, he had it memorized but was still pretending he didn't know the way.

We payed a few extra dollars to let him do the bungees on the trampoline.  He barely weighed enough to get the jumping working, so one of the workers stayed on the trampoline and bounced him.  He thought that was "awesome."

Of course - I think his favorite part was the either the giant slide with rugs or the playground (at the park.)
He rode the slides about a bajillion times.
We took a break, with some fried pickles and sweet tea while Landon played at the playground.  After that we were already for a shower, water and a long nap.

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