Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Doctor Visit

Took Landon to see the doctor this morning. Upper Respiratory infection and one ear infection (the other one was also starting to get infected.) She gave us an antibiotic and some stronger cough syrup. Hopefully he'll get better soon.

Nights are the worst. He doesn't get any sleep because of the cough. But Bryan woke up this morning and asked how Landon slept last night, which I thought was an odd question because Landon was in our bed, up all night, coughing.

Jodie: "Are you serious? He coughed all night long."
Bryan: "Really?"
Jodie: "Uh, yeah, didn't you hear him?"
Bryan: "Oh, I decided to put ear plugs in before I went to sleep."
Jodie: "Oh.....reeeaaaaaaally....."

I told Bryan he should sleep in the guest room so he could get sleep last night, he declined. Little did I know he already had a plan in place. Ear Plugs. LOL.


  1. Poor baby! Hope he gets to feeling better soon. Usually those antiobiotics work pretty quickly.

    I say tonight is your turn for the earplugs ;)

  2. Ha! Jay does that too. I can't sleep with ear plugs. I'm afriad I wouldn't hear her if I really needed to. Poor Landon--hope he gets better soon.

  3. Aww...hope he gets well soon! Lila had the beginnings of another ear infection earlier this week too, but luckily for us she wasn't coughing.