Monday, January 22, 2007

Why this Monday started out really wrong...

1. Woke up late (8:30 to be exact.) Which is the time I am supposed to be at work.
2. Realized I didn't take my medicine last night, so I quickly popped my pills hoping I wouldn't get sick from the time lapse.
3. Landon's coughing like he's smokes 4 packs a day. Not to mention the green snot that flies out of his nose after every sneeze. (Every time he coughs, he finishes it up with a sneeze. Every. Time.)
4. Bryan started to suction out Landon's nose and noticed he was chewing on something - yep, a big ol' Maddie (our cocker spaniel) hair ball. Nice.
5. We put Landon in his high chair so we can fix bottles...he proceeds to dirty his freshly changed diaper.
6. I'm out of gas in the car, so Bry takes Landon to day care while I go to the gas station. I get out, put the pump in, start it up and gas sprays all down my car on my shoes and hose (yes, I'm actually wearing panty hose today.) So, I think to myself, that's odd...and do it again. Moron. It sprays every where again. THEN I think to shove the pump in a little more. Hmm...this time it works. I then give myself a wetwipe wipe down.
7. I go in to buy a big diet dr. pepper (they have the best ice!) and pay...noticing I've just used a card who's account has NO money in it. So, I think, well, I can get to work and transfer money before the transaction goes through.
8. I get to work and the internet is down. So a call to Bry admitting that I'm a moron and I need him to transfer money, and oh yeah, I'll be going to get my car washed at lunch today.

Here's to hoping this day goes better from here.


  1. I'm sorry, forgive me for laughing. :) You're right--that's not a good way to start out a Monday. The good news is when you have days like that, they can only get better. I bet tomorrow will be awesome!

  2. That so sounds like something that would happen to me.

    I hope the rest of your day went better!

    And why is it that they ALWAYS wait til you put a brand new diaper on them before going poo? Little stinkers.