Monday, January 15, 2007

Crawling like Crazy...and other things

Landon is all over the place now. That boy can move, quick! He's standing on his own too, but can't quite get the stepping part down. Which has resulted so far in a busted lip, a bumped eye and a bruised forehead. All of which are barely noticable.

His new words are Gat (cat), Dog, Digga-digga-digga (who knows what that means.) He LOVES dancing. Anytime he hears any kind of beat at all, his start his little bopping. It is SO cute.

And the best thing of all. I bought Landon some squeaky shoes. Oh man, these are great. He loves walking around in them. We've had so many comments on them. He comfortably wears size 3 right now, we ordered size 5 and they'll fit for a while, little big, but good.

He's also learned how to drink his bathtub water using his tub toys. He thinks this is just grand. Its a fun game to see if he can get a drink before mom can stop him. He thinks its just hilarious.

He started watching cartoons - yeah, yeah, tell me what a horrible parent I am. But I love the shows too. LOL. Handy Manny is my favorite right now. Landon also likes to dance when the Wiggles come on. But that Manny and his tools. "Hop Up, Jump In"

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  1. Yay! I am glad you are back. Those squeaky shoes are cute and a great price. I am going to get the brown ones with the pink stripes.
    Also, we need to see more pics of Mr. Cutie Pie Landon.