Monday, January 15, 2007

New Year's

After a quick turn around, we headed out to Tallahassee to spend New Years with the Rhodes. It's about 12 hours, so this year we decided to stop in Gulfport on the way. Let me back up by saying, we stopped at Cracker Barrel in Beaumont. We LOVE eating at Cracker Barrels. Anyway, it was on the chilly side in the restaurant side, so after we had placed our order, the manager decided to start the fire. Well apparently the wood was wet, so within two minutes, the whole place was filled with smoke. It kept getting worse. They opened the emergencies doors, people by the fireplace had to move. We finished our meal in another part of the place, but by the time we got to car, we reeked. I gave Landon a quick wet wipe bath, changed his clothes...

But that's another reason we decided to stop in Gulfport. We stunk and needed a bath and fresh clothes. The next morning, we hit the outlet mall there. They have a Children's Place where we found shorts and shirts for $2. We loaded up on all sizes.

Tallahassee was great. We stayed with Bryan's parents. We had dinner with all the family, Grandma and Grandpa Purvis, aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone out at the barn.

We finally got to see Landon's new cousin, Gavin. He's tiny. 2.5 months and only 8 pounds. They're doing surgery next month to see if they can find the issue. But he's darling and was so good the whole time. You forget how quite their little cries are.

Grace and Grayden (niece and nephew) stayed with us one night. Landon had a great time playing with them. And he LOVED riding the tractor with Grandpa Rhodes. He reached for the door the whole time. Kept wanting to go outside for another ride. It was a really nice vacation.

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