Monday, February 5, 2007


Landon is doing much better. His coughing isn't so bad, although his nose is running like crazy. He's pretty good about the breathing treatments, once he gets used to it.

On the development front...Landon is doing lots of standing. His favorite is the window in the den. He loves to stand in front of the window and throw his balls at the window. Pretty funny now because they're just dodge balls - probably won't be funny if its baseball. But he still drops to his crawl if he wants to get anywhere. And we taught him "TaaaDaaaa!" He'll raise both his hands and say "ta-da" and then he cracks up cause he knows we're laughing at him. Landon also likes the feeling of doing raspberries when he has solid food in his mouth, he likes how the food then flies out of his mouth and slobber drips down his chin. He thinks this is so funny.

We've got to find shoes that velcro (and aren't $35.) I am NOT doing shoe strings any more and the shoes with elastic laces, he just slips those right off. But I really don't want to pay $30, that's like the price I'd pay for my own shoes! And I also don't want some gnasty (silent g, meaning worse than nasty, pronounced ga-nasty) robot or transformer on the side of some big black clunky shoe.

Also, I've decided to decorate Landon's bathroom with the Target Safari bath stuff. Won't that be so cute!


  1. we found some velcro shoes at Target that are nice and only about $11. I'll take a picture tomorrow and post over on my blog.

  2. I LOVE that bathroom stuff! You'll have to post pictures when it's all done! I have lots of safari stuff for Olivia since I got pregnant while on vacation in Africa. I'm glad Landon is feeling better. I love his name, BTW. :-)

  3. Glad he's feeling better! Healthy baby = happy mom!!

    Love the Target Safari stuff--too cute! We haven't really bought shoes for Korley yet, other than Robeez, but we have generally always gotten Landry's shoes at Payless or Target. However, I know girls are generally easier to shop for than boys!

  4. see if there is a stride rite outlet store near you... I got all of Lore's new shoes for under $25 and they will last through all the damage that she seems to be able to belt out lol...

  5. I love Target's safari line. I was going to do Ellie's room in that if she was a boy. I mean, I could have done it anyway for a girl, but I had to go all crazy pink.

    I am so glad Landon is feeling better! I can't really give any advice about shoes cuz Ellie refuses to keep shoes or socks on her feet!