Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Family Weekend

We had a grand weekend. My mom, along with my neice and nephew, flew in to town on Wednesday. We unloaded there stuff and headed out to Kemah. Ate at Joe's, then walked the boardwalk.

We took stale cheese nips to feed the fish, then Trevor and Emma fed the stingrays...well, long story, actually. Trevor and Emma paid to go in and feed, but neither wanted to hold the little fish and let the sting rays suck it out of their hands. I finally decided I'd go in and do it for them. Yeah, brave me. Ended up, all five us, screaming and jumping back anytime one would come up to suck down a fish.

Then we went over to the fountains, Landon and Maddox had a great time avoiding the water, up until the end. We were walking away and Maddox wanted to look at one more fountain. Sure enough, the fountain, instead of shooting straight up, shot straight to his face. He jumped back, but just started laughing. Good thing. He thought it was hilarious. Trevor was upset the wooden roller coaster wasn't going, but I think Bryan was secretly rejoicing over that.

Thursday evening, we went down to Galveston to the water park. We got seperated from Trevor, Emma and Mom in the first 10 minutes. Lan had a great time on the Pirate ship in the kids area, but we convinced him to get in the lazy river. He had lots of fun riding around. Us, well, the lazy river aint so lazy. And come to find out, you can only get back to the kiddie area if you take the "white water rapids" fork, which is REALLY hard to do. So mom never made it back to our area until she got out and walked. We happened to run into Trevor and Emma while waiting inline for a tube ride. We all finally made it back together and took Trevor and Emma and Mom back to the rapids, since they were never able to get their rafts over that way. It was lots of fun, we were definitely exhausted by the time it was over.

Jill, Kip and the rest of their family came in early Friday morning. Bry and I worked a couple hours, then we all headed out to the Wildlife park. Kip and Tay decided to play golf instead. We had a great time, even though mom threw her camera to the rhino (lol - we got the lady to stop the tram so she could retrieve it before the animals took a bite.) There were so many baby deer out there. It was hot, but everyone had a great time.

We went home and cleaned up to head to the Kleinwood singing. There were 1300 people there this year. The songs should be online in the next couple of weeks. RJ mentioned Grandma again, saying what a great woman she was and how happy she'd be to see all her family here again this year. Of course, we all teared up after that. Then one of the next songs was "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder" - which was one of my Grandad's favorite songs. Even when the alzheimers was getting really bad, he'd lead that song, (no matter what number he told us to turn too. =-) We'd all just sing along.)

Saturday morning, a few of us did the Maribelle 5k. I think it was about 19038 degrees at 7:30 when the race started. (Seriously, probably around 90 and that's without the heat index.) It was hot. But we all finished without injury. Then it was back to our house for mom's french toast, Bry's 'on the grill bacon' and lots of other goodies.

The boys all went to play golf that afternoon, and we headed up to Kim's house for more food and singing. My cousin Katie has worked really hard to get all of my grandmother's pictures and slides on CDs. We watched that on the TV all weekend, fun to see all the old pictures. She also made 3-4 scrapbooks with clippings, cards, etc that they found in Grandma's stuff. It was really neat to see everything Grandma had saved.

Sunday, we all went to church in Belliare and then on to Rio Ranch for lunch. Some people flew out, some went to Kim's, we went shopping.

Everyone had a great time. It always goes by way too fast.


  1. Glad you had such a wonderful time with your family.

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! Landry would have loved all those places you went and loved feeding the stingrays!