Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Volleyball and more volleyball

Bryan's on a Monday reverse 4s team. So this Monday, Landon and I were headed up to watch him when we got a call that one of the girls wouldn't be able to make it. Yes, I am listed as a sub on the team, and yes, I almost always have a gym bag with clothes in my car. Almost always. Not that night. Luckily I convinced a friend to bring me a sports bra and some socks. The rest I could manage. That was the first night of soreness. Ibuprofen that night and again yesterday morning. I'm not used to blocking at the net and that's way more jumping than I've done in about 8 years.

Tuesday night was our regular season. Won all three games, but I'm sore and achy. (whine...whine...whine...) I used to be play five times a week. Not any more. I'd have to invest in a permanent ice bath and ibuprofen by the pound.

If my back doesn't feel better, I plan to visit my good doctor for a much needed adjustment. And embarrassingly enough, I'm wearing crocs with my dress today. Seriously. But I do have my heels in case my feet need to go somewhere other than under my desk.

Oh, and the ac issues reported earlier. Quite the opposite now. They had turned the air off to keep us from freezing, so after our complaint, apparently, they feel no need to keep us warm now. So sweatshirts, gloves and socks were also on my list of things to bring to work today.

My WOE (crack the fat-loss code) is going well. I put on a skirt I got a few weeks ago, and actaully laughed out loud at how it was already too big. Today is a baseline day, which means I ate yummy english muffin for breakfast with my eggs and beef. AND. and... AND! I get to have rice, brocolli and chicken at lunch. Yummo!

Oh monkey boots, I forgot to do the pushup challenge last night. Not that I had the energy to do it. K, have to do it tonight while I'm watching the Beach finals.


  1. LOL. I can't help but think you were like the female volleyball version of Clark Kent, turning from mild mannered reporter to sports bra and sock wearing v-ball hero on a moments notice. Great job!

  2. Way to go with the WOE. That's crazy that a skirt from only a few weeks ago is silly big!

  3. Volleyball looks like no easy sport that is fo sho'! I think the push up challenge would be hard to hit up after volleyball. LOL at the Crocs with a dress. cell phone pics would be a must for things of this calibur :-)

  4. The beach finals were pretty cool. They got a run for their money but never seemed in danger of losing.