Thursday, August 21, 2008


Landon was driving a toy through Nicole's hair last night, so I asked if he wanted to brush it. He shook his head no, thought about it for a minute, then decided yes, he would. I headed for the bathroom to get a hairbrush, but Landon bounded past me, saying, "I get it. I get it."
Out he comes with his batman tooth brush...trying to brush Miss Cole's hair.
LOL. We convinced him (mostly) that a toothbrush was for teeth and not hair. He had a great time trying to hide her under the blankets and pillows.

He really wanted to work on his Dad's car with him last night. But, after seeing how dirty Bryan's hands were, he decided that wasn't such a great idea.

I believe he's definitely going through a growth spurt. Two days in a row, he's come home and immediately asked for food. And then proceeds to eat everything we give him. He even ate twice on Tuesday. Then he tells us (early) that he's tired and ready for bed. Wow. Once in bed, he realized his daddy was going to take a shower, so he, of course, wanted to take one also. After that he decided to call Grandpa Rhodes about riding the tractor (lawn mower) next week.

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  1. LOL toothbrush! That is classic. I think you better get ready to break out the credit card for all those 3T-4T clothes he is about to need.