Saturday, August 30, 2008

Potty Training

Yep. Potty Training.

I'm not happy with daycare and they're 'attempts' at potty training. Which basically consist of having the kids pull down their own pants, use the potty, and pull up their undies or pullups and pants. Three times this week, the ladies haven't paid attention while landon was using the bathroom or after he finished and he's ended up having accidents on his clothes. Whatever. So, I took the three day weekend to do some training at home.

We started in big boy undies this morning. We have his potty seat set up in the half bath, a picture for stickers when he finishes and a bowl of 'treats.' He's done fairly well today. Yes, we've had a few accidents, but change of clothes, cleaned the floor and we're back at it. One was during nap time, which I totally expected. We've convinced him to put his "night time" pull ups on with his jammies, we'll work on night time later. LOL.

We took him to get his haircut on Thursday. He fell asleep! Yep. She asked him to look down so she could trim up his neck and all the sudden he started bobbing. LOL. I had to hold his cheeks so she could finish. He didn't wake up at all. We went over to Walmart after that and he slept the whole time. (Totally a growth spurt.)

Bryan found a dinasour bread cut out. It makes two dinos out of toast. Landon was so excited about it. We did a dry-run on our boards for the windows. Some fit, some needed trimming. I convinced Bryan to leave the back boards our bedroom is like a cave. It's awesome! Soooooo dark.

I think Lan's finally growing out of 2T. Yeah, I know, he's 2 1/2. But hey, we were in 12 months for ever. He's getting so tall. I'm just glad its not time for jeans, cause I don't think we'll be able to find anything long enough to stay on his waist.

Still watching Gustav's track. Looks like its heading to Houma...we have good friends there, they're in our prayers.

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  1. Way to go! Potty training! Growth spurt! You guys got it all going on.