Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday night, I went to a 'girls party' and no, it wasn't tupperware. Bryan had Landon and Maddox, until Max arrived. Apparently, he said it was a wrestling match most of the night. I got home around 10:30, Lan was still awake, but Bry was about to pass out.

Saturday, we headed out to Toys R Us to look for a birthday present for Maddox. Lan was in heaven. We were the only people in the store for a good 45 minutes. Lan got a Thomas tricycle and he could actually reach the peddles! He rode it around for quite awhile. I'm telling you if it was Christmas, we'd be set. There were so many things he (we) wanted to get...but we had to keep reminding him that it was Maddox's birthday and we had to find a present for Maddox. He was excited about that...and then kept looking for Maddox to show up (I guess to give him a present.)

We got a nap in before the party (thank goodness) and headed over. Lan was a little shy at first, but finally woke up and had a great time. He really kind of kept to himself most of the party, but was definitely ready for Maddox to open all the toys so they could play.

Sunday, we got up and went to the pool. Again, we were the only ones there all morning. Lan played keep-away from Daddy with his super hero diving toys. Then it was mostly swimming and flips. After that, Lan took a trip with Nic and I to the book store.

Nicole: "Lan, are you shy?"
Landon: "No, I tired."

LOL - he fell asleep on the way home. Then he ran around the rest of the night with Daddy and Mr. Danny. Finally falling asleep (mostly) around 10:30. The rest of the night, it was "mommy, mommy, whatcha doin?" but he stayed asleep unless I didn't answer. Long night.

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