Monday, August 4, 2008


Ran a 5k this weekend. Small time event, but fun. And oh man, it was hot. Hot, hot, hot. I came in just under 32, which I believe may be my third worst time. LOL.

But having run again since the whole mono thing, I realized how much pace and aerobics I've lost in the last month. So I've decided (pretty much) that I better rethink doing the San Antonio full marathon to just doing the half. I'll have to think about it for a little bit, but that's probably wear I'm heading.

Had a great weekend with family here.
Just got an email to prepare our workstations and office to shut down for TS Eduardo. Guess I'll have to write more later.


  1. Way to get back at it! Great job under tough conditions. Good idea on the Half. Take it slow and you will regain your strength and stamina steadily as you resume training.

  2. Having not worked out lately and having had mono, "You were MAGNIFICENT!" Especially to those of us who were running behind.(I mean crawling along in the heat!)

  3. You are so cute! And is that a skirt I see? I know what you mean, 2 weeks off for me put me off, so I can only imagine a month. You'll be back to it in no time, chica! :-)

  4. 32 minutes is my fastest! LOL Great job though! Any race is great to learn and grow from!

    Hey, I don't have your email but if you email me through my blog I can send you and invite to read. Thanks. :>)