Thursday, August 21, 2008

Even More Volleyball

...though it didn't include me playing.

Did you see May/Walsh last night!? They are so good. Had me nervous for a while there, but they pulled out a repeat Gold! Another. Gold. How awesome is that?! And our women's indoor team is playing for the Gold too....the men's team headed that way... Do we rock or what? Go USA.

And, if I haven't said it lately, I am really enjoying this new WOE (Way Of Eating - Crack the fat-loss code.) Its very simple to follow, I'm never hungry and I eat good food. Like Bryan's deewishus steaks. Oh yum. My sister is still enjoying it also. Even through a horrible week, her house flooding, her daughter breaking an arm, her son having a root canal, she's still sticking to it. Good job, Jilligan. Nic's doing great too. She even brought a steak over last night and ate with us.

(And no, I still haven't run this week...hmm...wonder if I still know how.)


  1. I missed last night's match, but watched their prior ones. The beach volleyball is awesome to watch.

  2. I saw it!! Those chicas are the bomb diggity. You think they'll come back for another one? :-/ I know they want to start fams and stuff, but they're so good!

  3. I am so proud of all of you guys on the WOE. I can't wait to start next week. You will have to go through it all with me and give me all your tips and tricks. Since you have a few weeks under your belt already.

  4. It's left, right, left.... Running will come back to you..