Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Landon had his first hibachi experience last night. The chef was very entertaining, Landon loved watching him through his spatula and knife around - which I'm sure Landon was thinking, hey I can do that with my spoon too!

I had scallops and shrimp, Bry had the steak and chicken - mmmmmmm. Delicious. Landon had chicken and apples (by Gerber.) He's also loving those little pinwheel things, which, disgusting, but if he eats them and doesn't gag, well, they'll stay on the shopping list.

We're going to watch the As.tros play tonight. This will be Landon's second baseball game (he went to one when he was like 8 weeks old, and I remember him having poop come out of his diaper, all up his back - wasn't nice.) Hopefully tonight will go better than that.

Oh, and he loooooooooooooooooves standing up in his rocking chair. I'll have to get pictures of this. He climbs up in it, stands up and rocks using the back of the chair, then climbs down, only to climb back up. He's so cute. He's also playing Peek-a-boo now. He doesn't always get his hands quite over his eyes, mostly on the side of his head, but he's getting the technique. And he thinks doing this makes him a comedian cause mom and dad are laughing so hard. All fun.

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  1. Your posts seem to be making me hungry a lot lately!
    Let me know how Landon does at the game. Tom thinks he is going to be taking Ellie a lot this summer, but I can't imagine her sitting still!