Monday, April 16, 2007


First, the thrush is gone! Yay. Landon is now eating again and taking his medicine like a big boy.

And I learned this weekend that Landon can climb into the bathtub all by himself. I was in his room putting up laundry and he wondered off into the bathroom. I wasn't too worried, I knew he would probably unroll the toilet paper (which he did.) But when I heard bath toys getting thrown against the tile, I started to wonder how he could reach them. I walk into the bathroom to find him climbing out of the tub, balanced delicately with his feet on the tub side and the rest of his body holding on the toilet. Oh my gosh.

Also, he learned later on this weekend how to open the toilet lid and reach the water. Yeah, disgusting. I promise, we do keep an eye on him. LOL. He's just so fast.

AND - lol - he can climb into his rocking chair and he loves to rock on it standing up.

We all went to a bar-b-que with my coworkers. It actually got really cold, it was overcast and windy. But the bbq turned out really nice. Lots and Lots of delicious food - and I didn't count a single WW point. LOL. Landon was awesome. He played around in the yard, chasing the dog, playing with a soccer ball. One of his friends, Seth, brought all kinds of toy cars and trucks. Landon had a great time examaning each of them.

We tried whole milk this weekend - but have decided to stay with Rice milk for now. After landon vomited what looked (and smelled) like curdled milk, rice is fine with us.


  1. Wow, he is such a boy! So funny about the bathtub.
    Ellie spit up A LOT when we switched her over to whole milk, but is used to it now (thank heavens).

  2. J. discovered the water in the toilet this week too! I broke down and got one of those locks for the toilet lid - it's kind of a hassle, but definitely works.

    Glad Landon is feeling better!

  3. Hmm sounds like all the stuff going on around here. bathtub, toilet water and all. We did the whole thrush thing once to and they had to paint her mouth with the gross purple stuff.

  4. He's too cute!
    Ava was totally playing in the toilet this weekend, i gagged of course.

    Glad he's feeling better. :)

  5. is he a lactard like Lore hehehe... I'm wondering if we will have to do rice milk too...