Thursday, April 12, 2007


Took Landon to the doc this morning. He has thrush. Bad. Very. Bad. We hadn't noticed because its all in the back of his mouth and throat. Poor baby. I'd be gagging too. He's on medicine now and we have to throw out all his pacifiers, nipples, sippy lids, etc tomorrow and then again in 14 days. I asked if there was any food that would be easy for him to eat...

Doc: "You know how you feel when you get a yeast infection?"
Me: "Yeah"
Doc: "That's how his mouth feels right now."
Me: "Oh man!"
Doc: "Exactly"

So we'll just try to feed him what we can and hopefully he'll keep something down. He's only lost about half a pound, so not too bad.

I finally got the camera out of the car. So here's some Easter pictures.

Landon in Sunday School, beside his cousin Kallie.

Rhodes Family at my aunt Sharon's house.

Egg Hunt

Snowfall the day before Easter

This is one cute boy...


  1. Poor baby!!!!

    And poor you for having to re-buy sippy cups, pacifiers, bottles and every thing else not once, but TWICE! Eek!

  2. omg that just sucks... I don't think I have any coupons for those things... If I find some I will email ya to let ya know!! I can even imagine having that... poor baby... that just sucks!

  3. AWW!! thrush is the absolute worst for lil' ones! I hope that it clears up super fast!

    Great Easter pics! Tanners is so adorable!

  4. Wow, I can't believe you have to throw out all that stuff? You can't just boil them? Sorry he has thrush...poor baby.
    But the pics are super cute!

  5. Poor Landon!

    He is so adorable! I can't believe you can get him to sit in a desk like that already. Lila can't sit still long enough for anything like that.