Thursday, April 5, 2007

Seperation Anxiety?

Landon would NOT leave me this morning. Every time I tried to set him down to make bottles, do my makeup, put clothes on, anything, he would just start bawling. What's with that? Luckily, when we got to day care, one of his teachers took him right away and started playing with him.

Today's their Easter party at school. We found an Elmo easter basket at Tar.get last night. Bought some eggs and filled them with colored goldfish. The party's this afternoon sometime. We're heading out to West Texas this evening (about an 11 hour drive.) Fun, huh. But Landon will get to spend Easter with family and lots and lots of cousins. I just checked the weather. It's supposed to be 37 on Saturday with snow. Are you kidding me? Snow, on Easter, in Texas! LOL. Wonder how my sandals will look in the snow?

Here's some pictures - he's just so cute.

Landon sleeping last night:

Landon and Daddy getting the mail:

Landon escaping from Dad's diaper changing:

Landon trying using a 'step' to help Dad with dishes:

Gonna get some tup.perware out:

And then take it to the fridge:

And here's he just posing:


  1. love that last picture, he looks like an angel!!!

  2. Too adorable! He has little man boobs, just like my Little Man does!!!!

  3. OMW! Those pics are adorable! I love the last one! Looks like we are sending some of our frigid weather your way!

  4. so glad that someone else's baby escapes from diaper changes too... but Lore peed on the floor when she did it... but omg he is sooooo cute!!!

  5. I just love Landon...he is so adorable!
    And how hard is it to change those darn diapers? I have to pin Ellie down with my feet!