Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter and Family Trip

We had a great weekend. We left Thursday afternoon for West Texas to visit my family, getting into Muleshoe (yes, as in a Mule's foot wear) around 6:30. YAWN. Bryan headed to the back room for much needed sleep. Landon slept for a little bit longer, then Grammy Jane and I got up and played with Landon. Mom (Grammy) made her famous french toast (so much for WW points.)

My sister and her kids came over for lunch. I chi'ed everyone's hair - they all looked great. We went to Leal's for lunch (you'll learn soon that visits revolve around food.) Delicious. Then we headed over to Portales, to shop a little at my family's furniture store (more on this later.) On to Grandma's for dinner, Lasagna and bread, along with a apricot brandy cake. Oh man. Jana and her kids, along with my aunt and uncle came over for dinner. Landon had a great time playing the kids. And found Grandma's canned food cabinet, where he proceeded to start throwing all the cans out into the kitchen floor.

The snow started falling Friday night. Yes, snow. As in white moisture that usually appears around winter time. We woke up the next morning to temps in the teens and about 2 inches of snow. Brrr...

Grandma/Bryan made eggs, bacon and toast and then we just sat around in our pajama's for a while, listening to Grandma's stories like how they used to get $10 a week, they paid $2.50 for rent and $2.50 on my granddad's cigarettes. Or how they paid $14000 for the house she's living in now. Crazy.

Mom, Jana and her kids made it through the ice/snow for lunch. We ordered Pat's - fried everything...tator tots, crinkle fries, taquitas, taco dip. After lunch we boiled and dyed eggs, which Landon was convinced were balls. Everyone came over for dinner again, we had stack supper, along with home made cake with strawberries and whipping cream (not cool whip, the real deal here.)

Mom, Jana and kids stayed the night with Grandma, we had all the beds full. For Easter breakfast, my grandmother made waffles and syrup. She heats up syrup and add maple ever. We had all changed from our sandals to panty hose and pumps. Put our coats on over our Easter dresses and headed to church.

After church, everyone went to my aunt Sharon's house. We had pot luck, with lots and lots to eat. The egg hunting went fast. Landon didn't much enjoy being out in the cold and was finished with it after three eggs. Confetti eggs were a big hit this year with all the kids (not so much with the parents.)

Furniture Story
We stayed a little bit longer on Monday than we would have liked, but it was for a good reason. We ordered all the furniture we'll ever need for our house (hopefully.) We're getting Broy.hill At.tic Hei.rloom to finish off what we don't have. Entertainment center, china cabinet, armoire, night stand, furniture for landon's room, a new sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman...etc. Yes, its quite a fortune, but my family may be going out of the furniture business soon, so we wanted to get everything we could. My Grandparents originally ran the store for years and years, then they sold it to my mother's sister and brother, who now run it. My Grandmother still works there every day at the age of 90. Can you believe it?

I'll post tons of pictures later...haven't unpacked the camera yet. Bryan's home with Landon who is sick again. I'm hoping its not his ears, but thinking it probably is. Ugh. Poor Baby.


  1. Man...I'm really hungry now!!

    I love the Attic Heirloom collection! It's exactly my style...modernly rustic. We really wanted to buy the AH dining table and china cabinet for our dining room but the room is too small. You'll have to post pictures of all of your!!

  2. OMG - I totally love AH too. That is what I wanted but couldn't afford it. You MUST post pictures.

    All that food sounds sooo good. Who cares about WW when you are with family!!

  3. Yum! My visits back home always revolve around food too, which is fun!

    Happy Easter!

  4.! Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. Want to see pics of the new furniture!

  5. ahhh i'm sorry that he is sick... but I am glad your visit went well and I can't wait to see pictures of everything... and the furniture!!

  6. I hope he feels better soon. Looking forward to the pics! :-)

  7. what is chi'ed everyones hair mean? is that some southern stylin lingo? =)

  8. Oh my gosh -- I'm starving. Can I come to your family get-together next time? Screw my diet -- if I had the chance to eat good, homecooked goodness, I'd be all over that.

    I'm SO excited to see pictures of the furniture. I have no idea what AH is, but I'm going to look it up right now!

    Sounds like your Easter was great!