Monday, September 1, 2008

No accidents!

Day two of potty training, and no accidents! None. We even went potty in the store! Of course, the store was Toys R Us and lan was pretty excited about there being a potty his size. More stores should do that. Makes it way easier on Mommy. Yesterday's training went okay. We had two accidents, not bad. He's definetly likeing the tee-tee for a treat system. Even for his batman snacks which he gets all the time.

We had a good Labor day weekend...just hung out doing not much of anything. Lan begged us to go to the beach yesterday, so off we went. Landon was on a high the whole way down there. He was actually squealing. It was hilarious. We went to one of the pocket parks down there...Landon and Daddy built a sort of levvi (sp?) so the water could come in and then pool up so they could splash. Then Landon and I built a sand aligator, making teeth with sea sheels. We finally convinced him it was time to go get some dinner. He crashed before we even left the seawall.

Lan is definitely becoming a Daddy's boy. He wants to do everything Daddy does. He wants to work on the car with Daddy, fix the house with Daddy, work on the surround sound with Daddy. Its fun to watch him trying to be a big boy.

I'm definitely hoping potty training goes well at school tomorrow. We'll be packing plenty of clothes in case it doesn't.

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