Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back Home

We got back last night, unpacked and went to bed.

Today has been a day full of work. We removed all the boards from the windows, mowed the yard, worked in the garage, tried to revive our plants, etc. Our fence is just going to need a few nails and maybe a new post. We need some shingles, but Home Depot doesn't have any more.

Sandy and her boys arrived last night. They still don't have power on their side of town and could no longer take the heat. Glad that we have room for them. And I'm sure it'll help to have Seth and Landon playing together while Seth's school is still closed.

Bryan found steaks, so we grilled for our Houston family. We had steaks, carrot souffle, corn and baked beans. It was nice to see everyone again and swap stories. We've all been very lucky. We have two friends with major house damage, but they're both with family or friends and working through this ordeal.

Time to get in bed for work tomorrow. Bryan is working the late shift since he no longer has a cubicle and has to use some one else's PC. Not sure how he's going to get anything done with out his own computer, but we'll see what happens tomorrow.

I un-cracked yesterday and today. So tomorrow, the cracking is back on. I did so well while in West Texas, hopefully it won't take much to get back on track.


  1. That is good news. It is nice to hear of the continued improvement. But it is also obvious things are far from normal, even for you. Best of luck to you and others trying to survive and recover from this ordeal.

  2. Wow sorry about the hurricane but glad things are improving. I am reading your blog because I just started the Crack the Fat Loss Code program. I am in week one. Looks like you are doing great in spite of all you have gone through with the storm. I am getting motivation and inspiration from reading your blog. Thanks for posting!

  3. Great to hear you are home. And that things are OK with the house. You sound like you are feeling better. Hope things continue to go as smoothly as possible.

    Yep, cracking is da bomb. I am so thankful I found the diet...through you. (And Cindy found it through me. We are starting a revolution, ha!)

  4. I'm glad you're back, hopefully it's here on up from here on out :-)