Monday, September 8, 2008

Its the uncertaintity...

Well, after a day of worrying, it looks like Hurricane Ike may completely miss us after all. I know that six days out you never know, but this morning all the paths were straight through Galveston. Tonight, they vary, but most are further south and west than Galveston. While I was excited to get out of here for the weekend, I really, really, really don't want a hurricane hitting here.

Tonight, we went to Main Event with everyone from work. Its a and Bu.sters on a smaller scale. We started off bowling, but the kiddos weren't having so much fun waiting for their turns, so Landon and I took off to see what games we could win. We had fun shooting baskets, squirting ducks with water, and shooting sharks with our big guns. Bryan took Landon for a while to the glow golf. He had to drag him out of there so we could eat some dinner. We had a great to do that with the group.

All the girls did good tonight...instead of pizza or pretzels or cheese fries, we all had chicken sandwiches, and tossed the fries and buns. Not the best $10 meal I've ever had, but we stuck with our WOE. Four stars for all of us. Good job gals.

I came home to do more testing in hopes that we'll get to upgrade a work system this weekend. Its finally looking like everything is working correctly. I'm exhausted and sick of testing. Sick. Of. It. Unfortunately, I'll have to test XP tomorrow night, but after that, all goes well, and we'll be ready...if Ike stays south.


  1. Glad the testing is finally going well. I also have to tell you that the remnants of the sandwiches you guys left smelled so good. A+++ for all you ladies. Actually someone asked if kids had eaten that stuff cause there was so much left. Buns & Fries.

  2. Ike Ike go away and DONT come back another day.

  3. Glad it looks like Ike will miss you... and nice work at the Main Event. It's so hard to resist when you're surrounded by food like that-- how nice that you're all a good influence on each other! My friends and I need to work on that for sure.

  4. Dang, good for you resisting the bad stuff while out! I have the hardest time saying no to the grease *sigh*

  5. Hope Ike stays away! Great job on the eating out. I bet it helps a lot having support from the rest of the girls. Oh and the testing is almost done--light at the end of the tunnel.

    I have started to have an irrational (yet substantiated) fear of public places where kids play en masse, like Chucky Cheese's. Every stinking time we take a kid there, he/she/both of them get sick. We started called it Yucky Sneezes. I think my kiddos just pick up germs like they are candy. It stinks.

    Cracking--day 6. It's like 2nd nature now. But I am lusting over oatmeal and ezekial bread. HA!

  6. I'm glad it looks like it will miss you (and my SIL there!). Great job staying on plan!!!!!
    I'm debating begining again with a friend but ah~ it is a carb up day tomorrow!