Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike takes Jacobs ESCG

My husband just found out that the roof on his building is gone. He worked on the top floor (6th) and apparently most of the roof is missing. Not sure what will happen next week when they get the "return to work" message. I think there's talk about moving them to another facility. Hopefully our "bag PC" routine saved their work.

We also read that the Gumpy Hanger is completely gone.

On the cracking front, I'm down 5 pounds! 5! With home cooking! I'm excited to see what my home scale is going to say. I've been really good on the WOE, even in spite of all the good food around me.

Last night we went to watch my niece play volleyball in Santa Rosa. We were about five minutes late and almost missed the whole first game. She's in seventh grade. Even though the games went fast, it was good to see her play.


  1. So glad to read in your previous posts that your home is OK. What a relief. It's obviously going to be a long recovery, but it could be worse, I suppose, and you have such a positive attitude about your "vacation." What a blessing your family is.

    Way to go on cracking! That's so great. You really will feel better if you can maintain at least through this crisis. Although, you're a better woman than I am. I eat like a crazy person in crisis mode. Great job.

    Hope your husband doesn't have to return to work until you've got power & sewer back!

  2. Look at you getting all fit and trim! I hate you! LOL JK!! ;-)

  3. I admire you greatly for holding up and even taking the opportunity to be a great aunt. I know you're lucky compared to some-- and I'm praying for them!-- but still. Seeing that and just being dislocated must take a toll. Hope the little one is doing well.