Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I want some 'mmm, mmm'

Funny story...

Lan and I were watching tv last night, well, he was watching I was reading, and he tells me he wants some of that 'mmmm, mmmm'
me: some of what?
lan: some mmmmm
me: what?
lan: (pointing to tv) some 'mmm, mmmm'

So I rewind to see what he's talking about, and there's a commercial for cereal where they take a bite and say mmmm mmmm mmmm over and over.

me: oh, you want some mmm, mmm?
lan: uh huh, yeah, mmm, mmm

I find some fruit loops, put them in his mickey mouse bowl with milk...

Yeah, Landon wasn't so impressed with him 'mmm, mmmm'
lan: mommmy, you eat mmm, mmm.


  1. LOL! Too funny. Maddox wont eat cereal with milk. He will eat it dry but not with milk. The little guys are too funny!

  2. That is so funny! Isn't it amazing the things they pick up on? Makes me so paranoid about what I say!