Monday, September 29, 2008

Sports with the family

While vacationing from IKE, we got to see a few of our niece and nephews games. We made it to Muleshoe just in time to go to Trev's junior high pep rally. It poured most of the day and his game that night got cancelled. On Saturday we headed over to Clovis to watch TJ play.
Funny store - at the previous game, TJ saw that one of his players was about to make a late hit, so he went and tackled his own player before the kid could hit the opposing team.
On Monday, we put on our orange and headed to Santa Rosa to watch Emma play volleyball. Unfortunately, they'd just built a new gym and our nav didn't have it. So we were 10 minutes late and missed almost the whole first game. Emma served the winning points, so that was neat.

On Thursday, we went to Littlefield to watch Trev play. It was nice and hot and he almost tied the game, missing the end zone by inches! It was fun to get to see all the kids play. Made us realize how much we're missing out on by living so far away. Too bad there's that whole part about needing a job and income.

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  1. How fun! Can't believe you got him to wear pants and shoes.