Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Beach...finally

Lan was SOOOOO excited we went to the beach again this weekend. The V's met us there. After we lugged down our tent, the cooler, chairs, towels, toys...we finally got to relax and enjoy the weather. It was actually a little chilly when we first got there, but warmed up very quickly.

Landon and Maddox had a great time, rolling around in the sand and mud. They were a little disappointed that no matter how many trips the Daddy's made, their hole just wasn't holding water. Every time we thought we got the boys clean, we'd look over and see them rolling around in the mud. Boys. That's all I can say.

Dad went into work this morning, so Lan and I had a nice morning together. But, unfortuanatley, we did have a few potty accidents. Lan's stomach was upset...he had a few tootsies that were quite a bit more than just toots. Eww...I'm telling you, my gag reflex was definitely tested.

We bought some flash cards for Landon a few weeks ago. He loves to play with them, but now, he makes me do them, such as, "mommy, what this?" "mommy, what color this?" LOL. He even tells me, "that's right, good job mommy."

Right now, he and Dad are in a tent in the living room made out of the breakfast table chairs, the couch and some pillows, all covered by a king size sheet.

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