Monday, September 22, 2008

Moldy Monday

Well, it's back to work we go...unfortunately when I did get back to my office, there was an over powering smell of musty, moldy, mildew. And then I noticed the water stains down one side of my office...then the papers, photos, awards, near that wall all had water damage. I move my trash can, and sure enough, the floor is wet under neath it. So apparently, someone came in, dried up some of the floor and replaced the ruined ceiling tiles. Unfortunately, they didn't 1) report the damage to anyone in my building and 2) didn't really do much about cleaning it up. Luckily my manager's manager was in the building and, instead of trying to dismiss the damage, realized mold in the work place was a problem and wanted us out of the room. So about mid-day I moved my PC to another desk and kept a workin. I realize I'm probably far down a list of repairs, but hopefully they'll be able to clean it up before mold becomes a real issue in there.

Other than that, it was pretty much work as normal. Plus a week of catch up. Not too bad. Things are getting back on track quickly.

Bry's at work right now. Apparently with the roof damage in his building, his desk was the second worst on the floor. He called earlier to tell me that all the ceiling tiles above his desk had disintegrated and fallen on to his area. All of his pictures and papers out were ruined, and one of his drawers was actually still full of water. He bagged his PC before we left, so that survived. Thank goodness. He's still on the 3 to midnight shift, but is going to see about working on-site during normal hours.

Cracking went very well today. I was starving by the time I got home. Made the boys (Landon and Seth) meals and then Sandy and I had crack-slaw. We went for a walk around the neighborhood, but Sage got hungry and wasn't happy about being out. We ditched the stroller about half way through at a friend's house and booked it home. After baths, the kids decided they were still hungry and wanted pizza...luckily we actually had some left over. We got to bed by 9:30! Can you believe it?

Then I remember Heros came on tonight, so I'm up again, watching it, waiting for Bry to get home.

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  1. It just amazes me that for the most part, everything is back to normal. Crazy. Ugh, I hate mold. We have mold issues in our house somewhat, but since we haven't had much rain this summer it's not been bad lately. It's bad bad stuff.

    WTG on the cracking! It is such a great WOE--don't you just want to share it with everyone?! Loving my carb up day today. Woohoo!