Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pumpkin Walk

Tonight, after Daddy got home. Lan decides he wants to go for a walk to see the Pumpkins (i.e., the inflatable blow ups around our neighborhood.) We ask if he wants to go to the store to get his own...and yeah, he's way excited about that. So we get everything packed up, bag, purse, etc. and head to the car. But this is where confusion sets in. Lan wants to walk to get a pumpkin, obviously not understanding that we live in Texas and 1)there's no normal public transportation and 2) there's not any stores in walking distance. So we compromise, go for a short walk around our block, then jump in the car to find a yard decoration.

Yeah, what were we thinking? It's like that time on Thanksgiving when we realize ALL of our neighbors had Christmas lights up and we go to the store, only all the house lights are already sold out...on Thanksgiving. Anyway, just two weekends ago, they're were Halloween blow ups EVERY WHERE! Tonight, none. Not a single one. But, Landon understood and was just as excited to see the Santa blowups. I'm thinking we better snag one of these before they sell out.

And before you go "white-trash" labeling me, you have to understand our neighborhood. EVERY SINGLE HOUSE has lights or inflatables or cut outs or all of the above. Every. One. The first year we lived in this neighborhood (at our old house) there were only 5 houses on our street that didn't have lights and two of those were still for sale.

Also - Lan pee'ed on Mr. Danny tonight. LOL. But probably not as funny to Danny. We used to have two cocker spaniels and every time Mr. Danny came over, he'd get Mason (the boy) all riled up and inevitably, Mason would pee all over the kitchen floor. I was kind of thinking he did the same thing to Landon. Lan just gets so excited when Mr. Danny comes by.

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  1. Poor Danny! That is hilarious. He has been marked as Landon's now.