Friday, October 24, 2008

Air Show and weekend plans

A friend is like King of the air port out there, so he was able to get us a car pass for the airshow this weekend (see my Meez on the sidebar.) I'm way excited about it. I've never been to one before. Plus Landon will love it.

About that run tomorrow...LOL. I'm trying to find off a nagging cough, and the cold air (yeah, its actually going to be cold...well, in the 40s) is going to not be good. But its always a fun run and my friends are either going to be running or cheering so I'm starting to look forward to it. Oh, and the lows in the mid 40s, not the high...the high is 80 or something tomorrow. So much for the cold front.


  1. Have fun running and at the air show. Both sound like a blast. Hope you shake off that cough.

  2. I tried to comment on your post yesterday but blogger was being contrary at the time. YAY for too big pants...go shopping, girlfriend. The economy needs your money, haha.

    LOVE air shows. We've had the Blue Angels here a couple of times in the summer, and they rock. Absolutely amazing. Enjoy!

    And have fun on your run. That 40 will feel like 60 after you've run a mile.