Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Star light, star bright...

I actually got up this morning and ran. Yeah-huh! Mostly because I didn't run last night, my legs were hurting as in, "uh, why did you think you could let us get lazy for months and then take us out and abuse us" hurt. And I convinced myself it was too warm to run (being 88 at 8pm.) So, this morning it was.

I had to get my clothes out of the car, and I thought, well, I'll see what the temp feels like and if its nice, I'll change and run, if not, then I'll get ready for work. While getting in the car, a mom and her daughter (under 12 years, I'd guess) jog by, chatting away. (Totally made me think of Viv for some reason.) So then, I'm thinking, if this girl can get up before the sun and run with her mom, then what's my excuse. Quickly went inside and got ready. Only my nike+ sensor was sensing (i hate apple) so I had to go find Bry's to make a switch.

Started the run, my hammies were screaming at me, so I just turned up the iPod to try to drown out their pitiful screams. Then I look up and see stars - get out - I"m up so early, that stars are still shining? So, as I'm looking up, I do the whole, "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight (or this morning) wish I may, wish I might, not die on this run tonight." And as I finish up the wish, I look back down to where I'm running and totally almost run into a parked truck. Yeah, Parked. Truck. LOL. So much for my wish, right.

Finished in 21:11, not quiet as great as my last two miles (not counting the third mile) but then again I didn't die when I finished, so that's a good sign, right. I even had the abilities to make coffee.

As for cracking, I'm not enjoying the maintenance week. I guess enjoying isn't the word. I don't know, I feel like without carb down days I'm never going to lose any more fat. Like I'm cheating eating two carbs a day or something. But its all a program and its specific, so I'll do my maintenance weeks, enjoying carbs in the AM and see what happens. I can always do another 8 weeks after this. I'm mostly happy with my size/weight right now, but another 5 pounds would be nice. I have four to get to my "what i always thought was a good" weight. But my clothes are all fitting nicely again, so really if I can just maintain, it'd be nice (oh good grief, see duh - maintenance week - hello.) Anyway...going to drink my coffee, with a tad bit of pumpkin pie syrup and enjoy today.

OH! totally thought about this during my run. For you morning runners, do you eat before you run? I could totally tell a difference this morning not having any food, where as when I run in the afternoons, I have a day full of energy (food) already in me, verses mornings when I've been "fasting" for 10 hours while asleep. Beachrunner - you have a good following, maybe you can do a poll one of these days. Time of run: Morning, Afternoon, Evening and depending on the time of your run, do you eat before?


  1. It was a great morning to run. Glad you didn't dent yourself with that truck. I have a whole list of 5k runs maybe we can do some. I need some events to keep me going.

  2. It was a nice cool morning to run. Way to turn up the ipod to hush the screams and keep going. I wish I could have run this morning..get it wish. Oh whatever.

    LOL! that I am even known as the chatty runner in the blog world.

  3. Ooooooooo I love the new layout! Very nice!

    It depends on how long the run is. If I'm going out for speedwork/tempo run I usually just down a gel (just to stop my stomach from grumbling) but if it's a long run then of course I do the whole breakfast thing and have to wake up and hr early.

  4. Nice run! Love the image of the music drowning out the screams.

    I've found a pre-run coffee is about all I can do in the morning. Yogurt works for slower runs. Or a banana. Anything else makes me queasy.

  5. Interesting question. During the week I run early in the morning, and I get up early to eat a light breakfast about an hour before I run. I can't imagine running on an empty stomach or running immediately after eating.

    Perhaps I will work on a poll. :)

  6. Go YOU! I bet it felt great to run in the "cool" air of a Texas morning. It was 60 degrees at 9 a.m. here today. :-)~

    You "crack" me up on the weight maintenance thing. Love the self talk.