Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Update


Landon woke up at 3, asking for his mommy, so I headed up there...fell asleep until 5, I knew my alarm was going to go off at 5:30, so I went ahead and got up and starting packing up everything for the day. Nicole walked over and Mr. Loi and Ms. Kristine pulled up to follow us in the car. Lan woke up as we were backing out of the driveway and told us he needed to go potty. So I jump out and let him go in the grass. It was cold enough that it was steaming!

Down to the race. We park in a good lot we found during Luke's Half a couple years ago, but ended up walking way out of the way, when the actual race start was just a block down from where we were. We tallied it up to a warm up for us. Got our packets, milled around, realized the finish line was going to be uphill (hello?!) and finally got ready to start. I knew I started out pretty fast, since you immediately go downhill after crossing the starting line. There were lots more hills than I imagined. I can't really remember all my thoughts during the race. I know after the two mile mark I wanted to walk, but didn't. There were two guys ahead of me that I was trying to keep pace with and managed to do that til the very end. I finished somewhere right under 30 minutes, my nano said 29:49, I'll look for official results later. (Just checked the web, I ran a 29:46!)

(some guy dressed up as prefontane - it was Hilarious! he had the hair, the tiny shorts and i think he was even in flip flops.)

The rest of the group came in soon after that. We grabbed some food bags and headed back to the car. Ms. Kristine told us about a place for breakfast so we loaded up again and headed over there. Its Baba Yega's - and it was beautiful. They were serving a brunch, so we found a table by the back patio and enjoyed a wonderful spread. They had a small creek with fish and some water fountains. Lots of trees and plants.

Sandy and crew found us as we were finishing up, off to the zoo. Oh. my. gosh. It was so crowded. We ended up parking in the hospital parking garage on the back side and got in quickly. We did things a little bit backwards and were very ready to go before we'd seen half of it all. After getting to the elephants, Landon told me he needed to go I took off at a slight jog with him back to the bathrooms by the koalas. We made it. Landon was sitting on the potty, bent over trying to poo...when he nods off! Yep, fell asleep while pooping. I had to wake him up to get him to finish. I carried back a sleeping child and we decided to call it a day.

When we got home, landon woke up and asked where the animals were. We had to explain and he started crying. Poor guy, but he fell asleep again, so lucky us. We ordered pizza and just hung out at the house.

We brought Landon down to our bed in the morning. I reminded him that we were going to see the airplanes, and he replies, "Not yet, mama, not yet." LOL. The crew show up to the house and we load up the car. 8 people, 2 strollers, 2 professional cameras and lots of bags...we did it. We head out to the air show. Thanks to Runge, it was a great event. We got into the VIP tent. It was hot, hot, hot yesterday. We tried to find shade everywhere we went. The kids loved it. But we had to call it a day before the the Thunderbirds came out. Just too hot for everyone. So we over to Marble Slab. (Pumpkin ice cream with graham crackers.) Then back to the house.

We unloaded the car and were getting Ms. Sandy's stuff ready to go, when I heard a commotion on the stairs and then screaming! Sandy's oldest son had fallen down the stairs and cut his cheek on the bottom of the banister. Sandy grabs the older son and I get her other son in his carseat and we head to an emergency clinic down the road. Short of it - her son has to have 6 stitches...fought us the whole time, he definitely hates not being the one in control, but was a pretty good trooper after it was all over (and we weren't holding him down anymore.) I'm sure he's bruised up today, and a little sore. But I know he's so happy he gets to stay home with him mama. The doctors were very good and very patient in the given circumstances and it looked like a good stitch job.

(think the weekends over yet? not hardly.)

It was Mr. Danny's birthday, so after the ER trip, he picks Habachi for dinner. Landon loves to watch the chefs throw around the cooking utensils and food. He even tried to catch rice in his mouth, twice. We ended up at a table with two couples that were totally wasted and working their way on being plastered. And, lucky us, they wanted to talk and share stories. Seriously? How do we find these people? One of the guys was a total jerk and kept shooting off his mouth. It was so embarrassing...for us, since apparently they didn't notice how obnoxious they were.

And that wraps up the weekend. After sweating in the hot sun yesterday, its very cold and windy here today. Crazy Texas weather. I have tons of pictures, I'll try to get posted soon.


  1. Sounds like a jam packed, great weekend!

  2. Wow what a weekend. Way to go on the race. Congrats on a kick ass result. Can't wait to see the pics.

  3. Great race! Congratulations. And going to the zoo afterwards? I'm surprised you weren't the one falling asleep! Sounds like a super weekend.

  4. Nice race! Busy, busy, busy...

  5. Hooray for the sub-30 finish...

    An uphill finish? GAH!