Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Catching up

I realized I've really let this blog slip. Which is sad, cause Landon is always doing something memorable. So this is my attempt to catch up.

  • He loves to tell me "one minute mom" and "i be right back" while holding his finger up for me to stay where I am.

  • We're in big boy undies, but still have the occasional accident. He really only lets me take him to the potty, which kind of gets to be a pain.

  • He loves the bathroom at Don Julio's because it has a huge black leather ottoman that he wants to lay on (how disgusting - I'm gagging just thinking about it) so if we ever eat there, it's a guaranteed 6 trips to the potty

  • He's discovered Baby Scooby. Bryan's now working the 10-6 shift, so he gets to spend mornings with Landon.

  • While laying down now, he says, "I need your hair." Yeah, he still loves to play with my hair to go to sleep. If I say no, then he'll either say, "I not hurting you" or "your hair is so pretty" I really should get these on tape because his accent is hilarious.

  • He's also learned to say, "Yes it do" which is now his remark whenever he doesn't believe us.

  • I'm starting to work on getting him in his bed upstairs.

  • Its going to take forever.

  • Because I love snuggling with him

  • Landon's had a great time with family for the last couple weeks.

  • He LOVES to run. Loves it. I hope that continues.

That's a good list for now. With my other blog, I usually try to keep family stuff out of it, meaning to post that stuff over here, but then I never do.

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  1. I so know what you mean about the snuggling. I love how the vocubulary and sentences change everyday. Too bad we can't catch it all on tape.