Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No, I can't...

Last night was volleyball...Mr Danny has an ear ache, so he volunteered to watch Landon while we played. Bryan picked up Lan from day care and noticed his report said that he never fell asleep during nap time. yay. LOL.

Bry tried to prep Landon about the night, saying,
Bry: "Guess who's coming over?"
Landon: "Maddox!!!!"
Bry: "No, ma-Dee" (that's mr danny)
Lan: "No, maddox coming."
Bry: "No, Daddy has to go to the gym, so Mr. Danny's coming over, you can play with him."
Lan: "I can't. I need go too."
Lan: "I can't dooooo it."

Of course, when Mr. Danny got there and asked if Landon wanted to go outside...all was forgotten. He gave Daddy a kiss, said goodbye and told him to go.

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  1. LOL! They must have been on the same frequency yesterday cause Maddox asked about Landon too!