Thursday, May 15, 2008

Poo Poo in the Potty

Before you get too excited. This had nothing to do with potty training, and everything to do with luck and anticipation.

Landon poo-poo'ed in the potty last night. Pure luck, not training. He's been having a bm every night pretty late; so last night, I noticed the signs - grunting, squating, so we got to the potty as fast as we could. We read most of the piggy book and then he poo'ed. He looked around like, what in the world just happened. LOL. It was hilarious.

He was so proud. He got a sticker and then got to call some of his family. We called Trevor, Jana, GJ, (tried Grammy, but she had knee surgery, so her phone was off), Danny. When we called Danny, he was in Kroger. He was laughing that he was walking around the grocery store saying, "Yay Lan, you poo'ed in the potty."

This morning Lan woke up saying, "I want more..." So I ask, "More what? What do you need more?" Lan replies, "More Batman covers." Huh? We don't have any Batman covers, much less "more" batman covers. Crazy boy.

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  1. that is great! take notes for me so I know what to do when that time comes for Blair :)