Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We love the Bathtub!

Landon now loves taking baths. Loves it. Mostly because he thinks he's swimming. Yesterday, He game into the living room with his shorts off, his diaper hanging off and trying to get his shirt off...He was telling Bry, "I go bathtub."

So Bryan started up the water and landon excitedly gets in. He stayed in the tub for ever. A very, very, very long time. I took a shower, while Bryan watched him, then Bry went to cook dinner. I dried my hair, read some of my book, sat a while. Finally, I'm like, look, baby, we've got to get out of the tub...I tried to explain that his fingers and piggies were getting wrinkled cause it was time to get out. No good.

He decided to lay down on his belly. He'd lay down, and slide down to one end of the tub, get up, turn around, lay down and slide back to the other side. "I'm swimming mama." "I swim bathtub" LOL.

I finally just had to drain the water. He kept saying, "no, more water!" and then tried to save all his toys (thinking they'd go down the drain next!) When all the water was out, he just layed on his tummy in the tub. He was not getting out.

I finally had to get him out, wrap him up and wrestle him into a diaper. Poor kid. Explaining that he could take another one tomorrow just wasn't working. Blue's Clues and a big blanky in the rocking chair helped. Landon and I rocked til bedtime.

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  1. Aren't you glad I brought him to watch Maddox swim that one day!