Friday, May 2, 2008


Landon has decided he likes to sleep in just a diaper. LOL. I have no idea why or how this started, but that's how we end up every night. He'll put his jammies on for a while and watch TV, then decides he's ready to be naked. And, by golly, if we don't get the clothes off right away, he'll explode.

Last night, he slept half the night in his bed. He was excited when he found that out this morning. Maybe we'll start moving in that direction (again.) Although Bry and I both love snuggling with him at night.

We were running late this morning (even later than normal, cause we're always late.) And for the first time, he decides he wants to save his muffin and juice and eat it in the school cafe...not in the car on the way. "Mama, sit, sit." So, yes, I sat and waited (impatiently) as he slowly ate his muffin, minus the blueberries, which he told me were "Eww, Yucky, bugs" and handed them to me to eat.


  1. I used to love snuggling with Lila back when she slept with us. Every once in a while she'll wake up crying and we'll go and get her and bring her in there with us...then I remember why she had to leave my bed...she tosses and turns like crazy....yet, I still try it again the next time.

  2. Hah hah! Bugs! I love it! it's funny what they decide things REALLY are.