Friday, May 30, 2008

Slow Down Mommy

How do kids know when you're in a hurry? The later you are, the slower they get.

Landon decided he wanted to save all his doughnuts until he got to school, so he could eat in the cafe. And when I say eat, I mean, slowly put a doughnut to his mouth, taste the sugary outside, put it down, pick it up, lick, put it down, look around, pick it up, take a tiny miniature bite, put it down, take a drink, look get the picture.

I almost scarfed them all down myself just to get out of the tiny chair and back in the car with my 54 ounces of diet dr pepper.

But, I waited. And he finally finished and took off towards the classroom.


  1. Maddox did that to me yesterday. He would not eat his doughnuts until I sat with him and waited.

  2. How sweet is he?!?!

    BTW, no, not me running, wish it had been. Still not in my grove.

  3. Hey, sugared doughnuts can just not be rushed!