Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tough Morning

I'm truly a mom. Not that I didn't know that before, but I've passed an initial phase most mom's go through.

I spanked landon on the back of his leg.

I know. I feel bad about it now. We had a rough morning. He woke up happy enough, but then decided he didn't want a new diaper on. Then it was the shorts - no way was he putting shorts on. I finally got him in a new diaper and shorts. No shirt. Every shirt I picked out, he'd take and throw it across the room. And oh man, did he get mad if I caught one before he could throw it. Crying, 'no shirt, no shirt' I finally wrestled him down and got a shirt on, which only made him realize he still had shorts on, so he's trying to pull his shirt up over his head, and his shorts down, along with his diaper when I mention something about shoes.

You'd think the kid was being tortu.red with fire (would hate for a search on that to lead here.) Please - are the clothes hurting you? No. Are the shoes eating your feet? No. For the love of everything good in the world, just put some clothes on. As he's kicking his shoes off (again) I smacked the back of his leg. Not hard. But enough to know I meant business.

I then proceeded to get him to the car, of course when he realized he had to be buckled in, we went into Round 4. I'm practically on top of him, trying to get the seat belt buckled, he's pushing out the seat belt, while also, trying to kick his shoes off. And here comes spanking number 2. He then resigned to huffing and sniffles (by this time the DVD player had started up with crazy Dora.)

Got to school and everything was fine. Kissed me bye bye and took off playing.
Really? Really?

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  1. I had a recent post like this. I feel your pain! I always said I'd never spank, but I've resorted to smacking her (through her diaper & clothes, of course) when she WON'T.LISTEN.TO.ME.