Saturday, December 13, 2008

Long Morning

Last night we celebrated a friends bday a day early. After some Mexican food, we took the boys over to see the Festival of Lights in Dickinson. Unfortunately we got there as they were closing, so we had to hustle through...though, Bryan didn't have a coat, so I don't think he minded going quickly. We parked at a church down the road and rode a bus over to the lights. Landon kept telling us, "Buses are fun!" LOL. Uh, yeah, remember that Lan when we're making you ride it to junior high.

The software I admin at work upgraded this weekend. Which meant a long morning for me (and others - Thanks guys!) Starting around 6am, I got to working. Luckily, Landon slept in this morning. When he finally woke up, he sat with me for a while...but then got tired of me trying to type around him, so he and Bry started wrestling. Bryan watched him all morning, thankfully. Testing went a lot longer than I expected. And now that I'm finished, they're both upstairs playing cars. I'm hoping landon's ready for a nap, cause mama sure is.

But yay to the upgrade. Everything went well and we're a go. Now I have to get back to Christmas gifts. I did get two more projects done last night. Thankfully. i might can get another two done if I get the boys to sleep.

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