Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008, Part 2

Tuesday night was Christmas at my mom's house. We always have meatloaf and twiced baked potatoes. Since we had spent the day in Muleshoe, my mom made the cookie dough so it'd be ready to go when we got there. After dinner, I started roll it out...but it just wasn't holding up well. Mom realized she forgot to double the flour. LOL. So we doubled it for the next roll out and kept going. The kids love it, but I try to make sure they are space efficient and don't waste cutting space. LOl. Didn't work so well. But we got lots of cookies rolled out and ready to be iced.

Finally time for presents. Landon got a dart gun, an electronic pitch pipe, gloves, a pillow with his name, an airport set, so many things I can't even remember them all right now. We got giftcards, a great bracelet from my sister, a neat cracking recipe book from my sister, coffee and chocolate stirring spoons.

After presents, we convinced the kids to stop playing with all the toys and ice cookies...not to hard to convince. Mom had bought icing with special tips, but also made home made icing which we usually use. We had fun decorating, but finally tasted the store bought icing - it was gnasty. Mom and I scraped it off all the cookies and replaced it with the home made stuff. Much better.

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